Mission Statement


Strengthen Your Decisions

We at Fortified Investigative Services are here to save our customers money, protect their interests and to provide factual information so they can make strengthened decisions.  All investigative services conducted by Fortified Investigative Services are conducted at the highest ethical standard with the client needs in mind. Our company is committed to using the latest technology and the top investigators in the industry to gather the facts, and provide them quickly so our customers can make quick and solid decisions.


We want to provide an excellent service and an affordable price.  We are committed to anticipating your needs while continuing to provide superior service and reliability.


As a northwest company with an investigation background in insurance services, we know what our clients need.  We are constantly looking for new investigative tools and equipment to provide our customers with a superior investigation.


Thinking outside the box is what leads our company in to the future.  We believe in solid leadership and the delegation of duties.  We trust our employees and promote on- going education and internal advancement.


Our company is committed to keeping our clients, employees and community’s best interest at heart.  We believe that believe that doing the right thing on behalf of our commitments goes much further than just words.  Our company strives for the highest standards in service, product and communication.


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