Insurance Fraud makes the News in Tacoma

I am always fascinated by the various types of fraud that are discovered across the United States.  I am more interested in the fraud that is discovered in areas I have lived or that take place in the state of Washington.  One story in particular that came to my attention took place in the Tacoma, Washington. A man named Yevgeniy Samsonov was involved in a car accident in 2009.  It was reported that the accident was considered minor and PEMCO Insurance paid the man $3,452.

Two years later the man filed a claim indicating that he had a cat in the vehicle when the accident took place and his cat had died in the accident.   PEMCO paid the man $50.00 for his cat.  The man told PEMCO that he had paid over $1,000 dollars for the cat and he wanted $20,000.  The man then sent two pictures of his cat to PEMCO.

A PEMCO employee searched for Google images of cats and found the same exact picture that was provided by the man on several websites.  Apparently the two photos that were sent to PEMCO were actually different cats however the man did not own either of them.  Quick searches of “white cats” on Google lead me to the same picture which was provided by Wikipedia.  It appears that the man did not look very hard to find pictures of his alleged cat.

I applaud the PEMCO employee that found the pictures online that were supposed to be of the man’s cat.  PEMCO appears to have solved this case by using individuals in house which is very impressive.  Most forms of fraud require a little more digging and that is where Fortified Investigative Services comes into the picture.

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The white cat picture came from Wikipedia

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